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Classroom Conversations: The Big Bang

In this third episode of the “Classroom Conversations” series, Aaron and two student co-hosts, Kyler Morrison and Efileni Perez-Ortiz, discuss the origin of the universe. They discuss what the Big Bang theory is and whether it is compatible with a Biblical view of origins.

Classroom Conversations: Integrating Science and Faith

In this second installment of the “Classroom Conversations” series, Aaron and two student co-hosts, Devin Vaudreuil and Micah McFarlane, discuss how to relate science and Christian faith. They talk about the tension that is often perceived between the two and address the difficult issue of how to explain the complex structures possessed by some living things that look designed for predation and parasitism.

Classroom Conversations: Worldview and Human Limitations

In this first installment of the new “Classroom Conversations” series, Aaron discusses two topics with the students in his class on science and faith at Southern Adventist University. One is worldviews and the other is the limitations humans have in interpreting reality correctly.

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