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Digging Deeper: Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

In this episode David, Aaron, and Pastor Geoff Starr discuss how the origins debate is much larger than just Creation vs. Evolution. They survey at a number of different viewpoints including young earth creationism, old-earth creationism, theistic evolution, materialistic evolution, and several others. They also talk about how the idea of Intelligent Design fits into this diversity of views.

Anti-science? How not to respond.

In this episode Aaron and David react to an article published in the Adventist Review by Clifford Goldstein in which he responds to a charge that he is anti-science. They talk about what it means to be anti-science and the useful and not-so-useful ways Goldstein responds to that charge.

More honest talk about a dirty word: How does evolution work and what can it do?

In this episode David and Aaron continue discussing the theory of evolution. They talk about how evolution is supposed to work and whether there are limits on what it can explain.

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